Our beautiful Vietnam experienced a long time of wars fighting for national liberation, independence and freedom. A time of bombs, cartridges were devastated but brightened with strong will and patriotism of many generations. In order to save the heroic evidence in the struggle against the invading forces, on September 4, 1975, the US - Wei Crime Exhibition Hall was opened to the public. Later, it was renamed the Invasion War Crime Gallery (November 10, 1990) before becoming the War Remnants Museum (July 4, 1995).

War Remnants Museum is a vivid picture of Vietnam during the war years against the US - Wei with over 20,000 documents, artifacts and movies. The left artifacts, the images, as strong evidence, denounce the crimes of the colonial aggressors, and reflect the will to fight and win to regain the national independence of Vietnamese citizens. If you love history and want to relive the proud years of the nation, this is an ideal place.