Thanh An is an island commune in Can Gio district, only about 70km from Saigon. Not only is the tourist destination, enjoy delicious seafood but Thanh An is also a virtual living place that many young people love.

Arrive in Thanh An, you can explore the life of the people on the island, take pictures with the vast mangrove forest or the unique mid-sea stone path. Have fun playing you can find a place to enjoy seafood. On the island there are many types of seafood such as grilled octopus, oyster porridge, grilled shrimp, boiled crab, and cobia fish hotpot. The price is also affordable and only about 100,000 VND / person is full of stomach. If you do not want to eat on the island, you can also rent a boat to floating raft to eat seafood. The boats will take you to Hieu Hanh's raft. Here, we have just visited seafood breeding area and also enjoy fresh seafood.