In harmony with the development of the industrial revolution 4.0, Vietnam To Go aims to bring the dream to conquer lands rich in natural and cultural resources closer to domestic and foreign tourists, at the same time, building and connecting the community tourism development system via the internet. Through Vietnam To Go, all visitors from all over the world can easily access and learn community tourism destinations throughout Vietnam. Photos at the tourist destination, tourist spot location on the map can be quickly shared to everyone everywhere anytime.

From shared images, articles or information, community tourism sites, though famous or new, can quickly reach many people, stimulate the need to explore, learn the points come new, thus contributing to expanding the tourism market. In addition, advertising and marketing costs, as well as the time spent on promoting tourist spots, are less well-known to be greatly reduced thanks to the rapid crowd-building effect of the destination not only in the country. but it also helps raise the destination brand to global scale.

In addition, promoting the sharing, contribution of images, articles or tourist information from the community will contribute significantly to improving the capacity and ability of applying technology to the local people. direction. Local government partners and communities have access to and practice of information technology skills in promoting and introducing destinations. Thanks to the proficiency of technology applications and the ability to think about promoting tourism more and more advanced, through which the population community is in tune with the common development of the era. All are aimed at developing Vietnamese community tourism, supporting local poverty reduction, socio-economic development, enhancing the image of the country and people of Vietnam on international maps.